Member Agenda Page

Board of Directors Meeting
May 2, 2024
12:00-1:30 PM
Broward Health North
Conference Center
201 East Sample Road
Deerfield Beach, 33064

 A G E N D A

Call to Order  

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance & Welcome

Approval of MinutesApril, 2024 (Action Item)

Treasurer’s Financial Report 

          Treasurer’s Report – Financial Reports through April 30, 2024   P&L    Balance   AR

President’s Report

          Broward County Public Schools Safety Working Group

Youth Scholarship Recipients

Ethics Training

United Way Mayors Gala

Florida League of Cities District 13 Board of Directors recommended appointments

Executive Directors Report

          67th Annual Gala Dinner

June General Membership meeting

Broward County Public Schools Senior Honor Awards Night

Florida League of Cities FAST Fly In

Solid Waste Working Group Update

Legal Counsel’s Report

Public Relations Consultant’s Report

New Business


Board Meeting Attendance
Municipal Resolutions
Correspondence:  1-Letter of Objection  2-Letter of Objection Attachment 3- Complaint 4- Civil Cover Sheet 5-Home Serve


Next Meeting: September 5, 2024
City of Plantation
12:00 PM