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A Message from the President

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Commissioner Todd Drosky,
City of Deerfield Beach

Dear League Directors and Members,

Thank you for entrusting me with the honor of serving as your 2023-2024 President of the Broward League of Cities. I look forward to working with each of you in the coming year to continue making our 31 cities special places to live, work, and enjoy time with family and friends. From sawgrass to seagrass, Broward County and its municipalities are filled with diverse services, offerings, and city profiles. What connects us all, though, is our commitment to bettering our ONE Broward community.


For the past several years, the League has worked under the “ONE Broward” theme. It’s a simple philosophy; if we all have the same focus of making Broward County the best place it can possibly be for each one of us, we have a better chance of reaching that goal. Eight years ago, the League introduced the ONE Broward initiative, and it has provided direction and purpose as we Built, Connected, Empowered, Engaged, United, Energized, and Embraced ONE Broward.


This year’s theme, “Innovate ONE Broward,” embodies the changing technological landscape that we face daily and how we can use these innovations to advance our cities. Everywhere you look, there are new ideas for us to explore and bring back to our respective cities for implementation. For example, by offering permits, registration, and payment services online, we can save our residents and business owners valuable time in their days. The League has also committed to using QR codes as much as possible this year for meeting agendas and other publications, saving paper and reducing our waste (something the League’s Solid Waste Working Group will surely appreciate).


The onset of artificial intelligence and the vast technological breakthroughs on the horizon will require each of us to learn new skills, but I hope that as we Innovate ONE Broward, we will use new technologies whenever possible to tackle our county’s most important issues.


According to U.S. Census data, nearly 445,000 people moved to Florida last year, with many of them now calling Broward County home. We need to ensure our systems are equipped to handle the influx. To address the needs of our growing Broward community, innovation will surely aid us as we take on the challenges of climate change, flooding, storm and wastewater systems, and other infrastructure needs.


The Solid Waste Working Group continues to make strides towards a county-wide solution for disposing of waste and recyclable materials. The Interlocal Agreement that has been presented is an innovative initiative I am confident will benefit all 31 cities and serve the needs of our communities.


These are just some of the areas where we will focus our efforts. I look forward to a year of new and exciting opportunities to collaborate with each of you as we strive to become more progressive leaders and, most importantly, come together to Innovate ONE Broward.


Commissioner Todd Drosky

President of the Broward League of Cities