Good Evening Solid Waste Working Group Members,


In preparation for our next meeting:


Please review the two ILA’s with a focus on the issues that you feel need to be addressed in any final document. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE DOCUMENTS AND THEIR CONTENTS ARE FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY – THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO BE ANYTHNG OTHER THAN STARTING POINTS/FRAMEWORKS.  The initial discussion will take place at our June 23rd Solid Waste Working Group meeting.


The Waste Generation Study cost is still unknown at this time.  There have been unsolicited proposals submitted to the County and we are working through the impacts these submittals have on the procurement process.  Additional information will be forthcoming.


Broward County has agreed to pay up to one half of the cost of the Waste Generation Study.  Based on the recommendations of the Solid Waste Working Group (and for preliminary planning purposes) the balance of the Study’s cost, will be apportioned to each city based upon the USF Beber 2020 population count estimates (see attached chart).  While we do not have the exact numbers at this point, a place holder dollar amount should be included in cities FY 2022 budget.


I look forward to seeing you at our June 23 meeting.




Cooper City Mayor Greg Ross

Chair, Solid Waste Working Group

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