Last Week As details of Robb Elementary horrific tragedy continue to unfold in the days, and weeks ahead the Uvalde, Texas community will unfortunately join the list of those municipalities that no one ever wants the distinction of being part of. So as municipal elected officials we stand ready to assist the Uvalde residents navigate their future.  Moving forward the political discourse will escalate on instituting gun laws and access to mental health services in hope of bridging the divide. However, we can no longer dismiss the assertion “this will never happen here” to declare the reality that “it can happen anywhere.”

Looking Ahead As we prepare for Memorial Day weekend, remember that Memorial Day is about remembrance and gratitude to our country’s fallen heroes. I urge our entire ONE Broward community to embrace and understand the true meaning of Memorial Day. If your town or city is hosting a Memorial Day ceremony, please attend and pay your respects to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting our nation’s freedoms. Also remember to ask those Gold Star families, the surviving members of military personnel who perished in active duty, about their loved ones. They’ll appreciate your sentiments.