Looking Back: Since 1985, July has been recognized as National Park and Recreation Month highlighting the importance of Broward County’s regional parks and our 31 cities neighborhood parks, recreation agencies, and the professionals who make a tremendous impact on our residents’ and visitors through robust programming that enhances their quality of life. Broward County is also home to two state parks: Hugh Taylor Birch and Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park. I encourage everyone to utilize these facilities and the many wonderful offerings that improve one’s physical and mental health or just embrace spending time with friends/family while appreciating nature.

Looking Ahead: On July 16th the national suicide prevention hotline 10-digit number will be reduced to the 3 digits, 988. As suicides and the thought of suicide continues to increase, the goal is to make it easier to seek help by reducing the stigma associated with mental health as well as possibly shifting calls away from 911. For Broward County residents, nothing much has changed except the number. 211-Broward who has been working in the behavioral health and crisis intervention space for years and currently operates the hotline will continue to have their professionally trained counselors standing by to help24/7