Source: | Author: Wendi Grossman | Date: August 13, 2019 

“The Broward League of Cities Releases Updated Report Post Parkland”

A new school year is about to begin in Broward and The League of Cities’ Task Force is updating progress made on its initial report of 102 safety upgrades. The first goal is to stop kids from bringing weapon onto campus. The report recommends metal detectors in every school, but funding is an issue so kids have been able to sneak guns and knifes in, even with all the added security post Parkland. John Daly with Concerned Citizens of Broward says once they can figure out how to solve this problem they need to put a school resource officer in every building. Superintendent Runcie says they do have an SRO or armed guardian in every school in accordance with the law but Daly says that’s not true. The task force report also recommends adding more mental health counselors, higher fences and bullet-resistant glass.