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A Message from the President

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Mayor Felicia Brunson,
City of West Park

Dear Broward League Directors and Members,

It is an honor and privilege to serve Broward’s 31 cities as your 2024-2025 President of the Broward League of Cities. For the past nine years, we have Built, Connected, Empowered, Engaged, United, Energized, Embraced, and Innovated ONE Broward. The ONE Broward theme has been a guiding light for the League as each of my predecessors and fellow League members have upheld this idea as we continue to unite our communities through shared experiences and collectively build a better Broward.

I’m excited to announce my theme for the year ahead is “Experience ONE Broward.” Experience is the teacher of all things and behind every experience is a lesson learned. Experiences expose us to new ideas, allow us to gain knowledge, and provide us with the opportunity to develop skills. In summary, our experiences help us contribute to the progress of each of our cities and towns.

One of the things I love the most about Broward County is the diversity. Our 1.9 million residents represent different generations, cultures, races, and creeds. Sharing each of our experiences with one another enables us to learn more about ourselves, become more inspired, and have a deeper sense of belonging to Broward County.

All of us can visualize the kind of Broward County we want to live in today and the kind of ONE Broward community we want our grandchildren to experience. By putting our shared knowledge, insights, and skills together, we can make it a reality. Together, we can work to create community spaces where children can safely experience the outdoors and continue to support our schools so they can learn alongside their friends. We can increase affordable housing, support our small and local businesses, and open doors to new opportunities for everyone, regardless of class, gender, or background. Together, we can combine our experiences to wholistically represent Broward County and strengthen the cities and towns that we all call home.

These are just a few of the ways I foresee us addressing some of our community’s biggest challenges. I firmly believe we can continue our path forward by using our experiences to support our decisions. I look forward to showcasing our accomplishments, and above all, having fun as we all Experience ONE Broward!

Mayor Felicia Brunson
President of the Broward League of Cities