President Greg Ross in Sun Sentinel 100

Last week: As elected officials, we know that a tragedy can happen unexpectedly within our city at any time and without warning. As we offer our profound condolences to the victims and their families after the horrific massacre in Orlando, we recognize that Mayor Buddy Dyer and the city’s team of first responders, police officers, local hospitals, the medical examiner and others functioned competently and professionally under dire circumstances. The mayor’s message helped bring a sense of calm to the thousands of grieving residents, “We can’t change what happened, but we can show the world that love and joy conquers violence and hate.”

Looking ahead: As you are aware, there has been collaboration between Broward County cities and the county to arrive at a mutually agreed proposal for a ½ cent surtax on infrastructure and a complementary ½ cent surtax on transportation to be presented to voters on the November ballot. These combined surtaxes would meet the cities’ and the county’s needs and reflect the consensus of 159 of our local elected officials. The cities are continuing to work with the county to come to a full agreement next week, an outcome which could improve the future for all of our residents. Read.

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